“A Taste of Australian Culture” Virtual Study Program 

Self-Paced Program

We provide self-paced program where students can learn at their own speed. It allows students to study at their convenience and can increase their learning potentials.


Cairns is a tropical paradise where the rainforest meets the reef and is the only place in the world where two world heritage-listed sites can be found side-by-side. Join us on an exhilarating Virtual program where you will learn about local culture and history, experience some of the breathtaking sites in Far North Queensland including stunning landscapes, native wildlife and natural wonders found nowhere else in the world.


  • AusID Personality App and Session
  • Entertaining Educational Lectures
  • Webinars with local inspirational speakers
  • Local Indigenous Culture
  • GPS Coordinates to your very own tree planted on your behalf
  • Certificate 

Session 1: Personality Profiling & Aussie English

Welcome to Cairns with our Managing Director
Great Barrier Reef Academy’s Managing Director Janine Bowmaker will welcome you to the program direct from Cairns.

Session with AusID Global Director, Michael White
Students will learn more about their personalities and how to apply this knowledge at school, home and in their
future careers. *Activity Questions included.

English Language Games
Students will complete a range of English Language Games and be quizzed at the end.


Session 2: Australian Lifestyle & Food

Aussie Home Visit Tour
Virtually experience true Australian culture by participating in an Australian BBQ dinner at a local Australian family’s home.

Farm Activities including Educational Regarding Cettle Industry
Tour a local Aussie farm and watch how a farm operates. 

Local Students Presentation
What kind of food do Aussie’s love?

Aussie Cooking Lesson 
Students will watch and learn how to cook an Iconic Aussie Dish. 

Session 3: The Great Barrier Reef

Behind the Scenes Tour at JCU Aquarium
Join Famous Marine Biologist for a behind the scenes tour of the outstanding research facilities @ the JCU Aquarium.
Learn about the venomous wildlife who call the aquarium home!! *Activity Questions included

Presentation webinar by “Straw No More”
You will have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from an inspiring person who in 2017, at the age of 9-years-old decided to take on a project that unbeknownst to her would change the world.
You can become a StrawBassador!

The Perfect Coral Reef
Let’s watch David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef documentary.
You can become a citizen of the Great Barrier Reef!

Session 4: Indigenous Australian Culture

Aboriginal Dancing & Didgeridoo Lesson
Students will learn aboriginal dance steps and the basis of how to play the didgeridoo. 

Aboriginal Painting and Indigenous Symbols Lesson
Learn how to paint from an Indigenous painter. Learn about the history of aboriginal art, where the base colours are found and what the symbols mean.

Native Bush Tucker Talk
Native Indigenous Guided walk through the rainforest learning about the different bush tucker found here in the World Heritage Rainforest.

Walkabout Cultural Adventures by Tourism Australia
Let’s watch what our Mangrove provide us and how Mangrove is important to Indigenous people.

Local Students Presentation
Things we love to do in Cairns. 

Session 5: Rainforest and Aussie Wildlife

World Heritage Rainforest
Students will have the opportunity to explore the World Heritage Rainforest and learn from Specialist Guide. *Activity Questions included

Native Australian Wildlife Session
Join Specialist Wildlife Guide for an introduction to some Native Aussies Wildlife. Learn about Wallabies, Snakes, Crocodiles, Cassowaries and many more native animals. *Activity Questions included

Australian Quiz
Student will take part in a fun quiz that will test their new found skills gained through the program this week. This is just for fun and is not marked.

Tree Planting
Plant a tree in your honour with Cairns Regional Council. GPS Coordinates to your very own tree provided.

Live Farewell Ceremony and Certificate Presentation
Once every 2 weeks, Live via Zoom. Once you have completed your program please join us on Saturday for your Live Farewell Ceremony and Certificate Presentation. *Runs once every 2 weeks on Satuday morning