Why Choose Us

Banora International Group is the #1 Study Edu-Tourism company in Australia, with more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record.


Why Learn With Us?

100% Australian owned, operating since 1996

#1 in study tourism – proven track record of 25years

We are innovative and offer first class virtual opportunities

We have extensive knowledge of global and local issues

We integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into many programs

We care for individuals and groups. Our clients are our Number one priority

All staff are experts in the industry with an affinity to International students

We abide by government legislation and have appropriate licences and insurance

We have a strong network of contacts and suppliers

We adapt everyday tourist activates into educational activities

We work with an extensive range of education providers throughout Australia

We provide all-inclusive result focused packages including online Interactive Tourism Activities, Live Streaming Classrooms and Seminars and Workshops using robotics and innovation

We work with all state schools in Queensland and New South Wales, and more than 50 private schools throughout Australia

We can provide tailor-made programs to suit individual need

We can provide bilingual staff

We plant a tree for each person that participates in our full programs

Banora International Group is the #1 Study Edu-Tourism company in Australia, with more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record.

We are renowned for our extensive knowledge and connections within the tourism and education industry nationwide offering exclusive edu-tourism experiences for our clientele. 

We continue to think outside of the square to deliver inspiring new ways to both connect with our clients and provide outstanding products to create a positive and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Our clients are #1 and our on-line academy was created specifically as a response to Covid-19. We needed a platform to create programs that we could provide to the schools and their students which still produced engaging learning opportunities. The whole school is a creation for our clients to remain engaged. Lessons are interactive, themed and have guaranteed learning outcomes.

In line with wishing to remain #1 and showcasing innovation, we have what is currently nicknamed as “Study Buddy Bot”. Aside from being exceptionally cute, he is able to immerse within the classroom and live stream directly overseas and throughout Australia.

Students can chat with each other via our android and this ensures both our local and overseas students remain engaged.


We offer a variety of options not seen in virtual on-line programs before. Many schools have pivoted to provide on-line learning. However, rather than only offer one product, we are combining study options with edu-tourism products to provide a full program that is themed, involves the students via their learning app before their programs commence and continues to connect with them after the program. We are focusing on interactive live streaming, rather than solely on-line. Each student receives a certificate, becomes an ambassador of Cairns, and has a tree planted for them in Cairns encouraging an ongoing connection to our region.

Our virtual experiences are not expected to replace your visit to Australia but provide participants with an opportunity to engage with the local region, students, schools, and extraordinary tourism activities.

Great Barrier Reef Academy has a dedicated team of professionals that draws on more than 25 years of experience working in the edu-tourism industry providing high quality services ensuring we meet the needs and goals of our clients.  We aim to continue to continue to think outside the square and be leaders in the study tourism industry and to have a positive impact on our future leaders.

Our team of skilled and experienced staff are available to assist you with providing costings, product recommendations and any other services to assist you in planning and booking your Virtual Study Adventure.  Please visit our contact page for our contact details.


Benefits of Virtual Study Programs

Gain a Global Perspective

Participating in an education program in Australia provides students with the opportunity to expand their world views, witness a new way of life and new culture. This experience will provide students with a greater intercultural understanding and ability to grasp global issues becoming a global citizen for the future.


We offer a large range of program options to ensure that we can work within your timetable and schedule requirements.

Learn from Australian Educators

Virtual classrooms provide students with the ability to learn from a variety of highly qualified educators and experts in specific fields of study in real time, or in a pre-recoded webinar, depending on the program you choose.

Improve English Language Skills

Students will be fully immersed in speaking, listening and continuing to improve their English language skills through discussion and innovative learning during their virtual education program.

Diversify Educational Experiences

Students are exposed to interactive educational excursions related to their studies in addition to being introduced to new and exciting things they will see for the first time. Students will have the opportunity to discover new areas of interest or develop an even stronger passion for the field of study they are already interested in.

Immersive Learning Experience

Virtual Study Programs create an immersive learning experience for learners by providing them with practical training and providing them with a greater knowledge of the world around us, continue to develop their skills, create potential ongoing relationships and be a positive and engaging exercise for everyone involved.

Career Opportunities

Skills gained during a virtual international study experience are valued by employers. Participating in a virtual international education program shows future employers that students are confident to explore and discover new things and are able to adapt to new situations.

Unique Education Experience

Australia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, hosting 10% of the world’s biodiversity. More than 80% of its well-known plants and animals exist nowhere else on earth. Students who participate in a Virtual Edu-Tourism program are provided with a unique educational experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Enables Global Reach & Inclusivity

Virtual education programs provide an opportunity for individuals from around the world to learn together, in a virtual space regardless of their location. Virtual programs prepare students to live, work, learn and engage in a world where global diversity is not only highly valued but becoming a requirement in the workplace.

Integration with Local Students

Providing students with the opportunity to integrate and engage with local students in the classroom virtually enriches students educational experience and provides them with skills and knowledge to interact and work with people from diverse backgrounds.


Frequently Asked

What is a Virtual Study Tour?
A Virtual Study Tour is a combination of education and edu-tourism products packaged with focused outcomes and delivered online.
What is the benefit of a Virtual Study Tour?
Virtual Study Tours enable students to engage with local students increasing cultural understanding, improving language skills, and enhancing personal development. Furthermore, they enable the opportunity to experience some of our incredible learning available in our magnificent world heritage region with strong indigenous connections.
Why did you decide to offer Virtual Study Tours?
Our mission is to create life changing experiences, through our creative and innovative programs. Due to COVID-19, unfortunately students were and still are unable to participate in their Study Tours – a once in a lifetime experience.
We wanted to be able to create a way for students to engage, remain connected and learn. Hence Virtual Study Tours!
How do Virtual Study Tours work?
  • We can coordinate virtual classroom opportunities from school to school.
  • We provide webinar workshops, lectures and presentations both pre-recorded to watch at your leisure or live. These can be arranged during or after school and can be curriculum focused.
  • Students can join in one of our exclusive signature itineraries that are focused on English, specific topics such as the reef and rainforest and have focused outcomes.
How are GBR Academy Virtual Study Tours different to other companies?
  • We have been genuinely invested in the future of our students for 25years.
  • We have extensive connections and can provide a broad range of programs which combine education, edu-tourism and culture with focused outcomes.
  • We offer SDG programs and other exclusive options.
  • We have a one of a kind ‘Study Buddy Bot’!
Who or what is Study Buddy Bot?

Study Buddy Bot is an ‘Intelligent Telepresence Robot’ who live streams various classes in Australia to classes overseas and participates in various edu-tourism programs, lectures and workshops enabling you to engage within the local region and with local students and schools in Queensland.

What type of topics can you offer?

Great Barrier Reef Academy specialises in creating tailormade tours for our clients. We can offer a variety of virtual tours including educational and virtual recreational activities, exposure to native English speakers and cultural experiences to suit any requirements.

Examples of Virtual Study opportunities include but are not limited to:

Live Streaming Classrooms

  • Arts
  • Cookery
  • English
  • Personality Development
  • Science
  • Sustainability

Interactive Tourism Activities

  • Indigenous Culture
  • Marine Education
  • Outdoor Education Centres
  • Research Stations
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Wildlife Parks
How long is a Virtual Study Tour?

Traditionally a study tour is 1 to 2 weeks.  We can create a Virtual Study Tour to replace this experience for a similar length of time or create short program options from 1 hour.

What types of groups can you host?

We cater for all nationalities and age groups including primary, high school and university students as well as special interest and professional groups. Group sizes are flexible.

What do we need to prepare including technology, prior to the Virtual Study Tour?

A good Internet connection, a computer or an interactive screen are all that are needed.

There are some activities that will require additional preparation, such as Cooking or Arts.   These additional requirements and the links will be provided to you prior to the Virtual Study Tour so you have time to prepare.

Sustainability Partners

Become a Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef and help protect and conserve the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs around the world.

Upon completion of a GBR Academy program all participants will automatically become a citizen of the Great Barrier Reef!

Become a Rainforest Guardian and help protect and conserve the Daintree Rainforest and other Rainforests around the world.

Upon completion of a GBR Academy program all participants will become a Friend of the Rainforest through Rainforest Rescue!

Help spread the message ‘Straw No More’ by becoming a StrawBassador and start making a difference in your community. 

Upon completion of a GBR Academy program all participants will automatically become a StrawBassador!